Students who have learning needs are eligible to apply for admission as we admit up to 10% admissions of students in our Special Rights Programme.

Students who have learning needs and who wished to be considered for admission need to have a formal assessment completed by an educational psychologist. Our Admissions Team, along with our special rights consultant and the Principal, will evaluate the profile carefully. When a student meets the admissions requirement, they will be invited in for an interview with our special rights consultant and the Principal.

Once students are admitted, they will be supported by the classroom teachers and teaching assistant in in the classroom to have access to the curriculum.

The inclusion programme at NLCS HCMC focuses on ensuring our students are effective and independent learners. We all learn in different ways and some of us have more barriers to learning than others. Our Inclusion Team is here to ensure that we continue to provide an education for our students that is both challenging and accessible. This is done through one-to-one support, group work and consultation with staff.