Inspirational Teaching

We recruit some of the best teachers from Vietnam and around the world; they are highly qualified and inspire their students to discover a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Teachers are carefully selected for their love of their subject. They encourage students to explore beyond curriculum boundaries and discover their own passions. The school will feel busy and purposeful, with warm and respectful relationships developed between staff and students and between the students themselves. It is a place where everyone matters. All of our teachers receive additional training from NLCS (UK) at the London campus.

Beyond the Classroom

A North London Collegiate education is about much more than lessons; it’s an abundance of exciting opportunities and activities upon which our students thrive.

Our schools offer a rich and vibrant extra-curricular provision across music, drama, sports, the creative arts and beyond. Field-trips and learning outside of the classroom will enable students to broaden their experiences and will also develop a global perspective.

The exciting array of intellectual challenges, physical activities and social opportunities that students will encounter enable the development of a whole personality and the chance to discover their strengths and passion. Some clubs are led by older students, others by staff, and some by external providers.

Dual Language Immersion

The core of NLCS HCMC will be incorporating dual language immersion approach into the curriculum, with lessons taught in Vietnamese and English.

In our junior school, this will be achieved by having two teachers per class in grades 1 to 3. One teacher will be responsible for teaching in Vietnamese and the second teacher will be responsible for teaching in English. As students progress through the junior school, more teaching will take place in English to ensure good language acquisition in preparation for later years. Vietnamese-fluent teachers will be on hand through grades 4 and 5 to ensure students retain a fluency and connection with Vietnamese culture, language and history.

Being specifically designed to support British, Vietnamese and international curricula, the school will bring the best elements of each to support the international and local curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on cross-disciplinary spaces, a key feature of the our approach to learning.

When completed, the school will have high quality science laboratories, premium digital design and design fabrication space, a dedicated art room, a spacious dining hall and an array of sporting facilities such as football pitch, gym, table tennis room, dance studios, and Vietnamese martial arts (Vovinam) studio.